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Here and There | The Future of The Valley Church
Welcome to the Future
Kids Fun Zone
Main Elementary Space
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Troy Family Stories
The Westfall Family Story

We love The Valley Church because it provides a welcoming environment, opportunities to get involved in serving and its dedicated focus on the children’s ministry. God has moved in many ways for our family since attending The Valley. The biggest has been my husband and I being baptized. Not only were we able to experience this together, but we were able to do this in front of our children. We continually pray for God to help us be good examples and lead our children to know and grow in a relationship with God. We are excited to continue growing in our faith, watching our kids do the same and to make serving in our community a family priority.
~ Grant, Andrea, Mia, Peyton, and Luke

The Wunderink Family Story

We love The Valley Church for so many reasons, but the main reason is because we hear the Word preached in a way that is relatable and is the truth. The staff at The Valley is not scared to tackle the hard topics, and they do so with love. We also love The Valley because of the children’s ministry. Our kids genuinely love coming to church and just having fun learning about Christ. And after coming to the Valley consistently for over four years, it really feels like home. We enjoy seeing people we have come to know over that time each Sunday. And we know that we can depend on those around us in our church family if we are ever in need. It has been amazing seeing how God is using our family to spread the Word of Christ. Marty has been leading the Alpha ministry at the county jail and has seen some lives being gradually transformed. Janelle has been deepening her relationship with Jesus through some tough times and has been able to hear his voice more. John and Leah have been known to sing worship songs (loudly) in public and have been praying at neighbor’s houses before eating their food. It is in those little moments, that we can see and feel Christ working in our lives. We are excited to see what the Lord has in store for us in the future and how we can continue to be the hands and feet of Jesus!
~ Marty, Janelle, John, Leah, and Noah

The Richwine Family Story

I (Erica) began attending the Valley in early 2019, and from the moment I entered the doors I felt welcome and accepted. I’ve been coming back ever since, now with my family. I love that The Valley upholds the value, come as you are. We feel that no matter what we are facing and how we are feeling we can enter the doors confident that we are where we belong. Sebastian said he loves learning about Jesus and having fun doing it! Dustin and I love hearing about his day on Sundays after service. God has done some pretty amazing things in my life, he brought me my wonderful husband and family and continues to provide for us every day! We are excited to experience our family’s growth and to continue our relationship with Jesus. Sebastian is excited for the new and expanded kid’s ministry that is coming! We are so grateful to have The Valley in our lives.
~ Dustin, Erica, and Sebastian