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Discover Non-Cash Gifts

Property & Real Estate

Gifts of appreciated real estate such as a home, rental property, or farmland can be a great way to give toward God’s Kingdom work. You will often receive a large income tax deduction, bypass capital gains taxes, and eliminate the need to sell the property yourself.

Non-Cash Assets

Give whole-life insurance policies, IRA’s, jewelry, art, grain, farm equipment, and more – any asset that has marketable value.

Retirement Funds

Making a qualified charitable distribution from a retirement account can be a great way to give because it often saves you significant tax dollars, increasing your overall gift, and at the same time fulfilling your required minimum distribution.

Learn More or Get Started

You can leave a financial legacy at The Valley Church through a variety of planned gifts. To learn more, check out these links. common non-cash gifts | additional non-cash giving options

For more information about making a non-cash gift contact Andy Monnin at 937-778-8822 or by email.