What You Will Experience

The School of Leadership provides a top-notch learning environment and dynamic student life. The Valley Church has designed courses in theology, leadership, and discipleship that you will find engaging and life-changing. On top of that, you will experience hands-on ministry work experience in six different tracks.


    Mount Vernon Nazarene University (MVNU) partners with The Valley Church to offer online, accredited degree programs to School of Leadership students. Founded in 1968, MVNU, in Mount Vernon, Ohio is a co-educational liberal arts university with an intentionally Christian foundation and mission. MVNU website


    The Valley has continued to grow steadily as people first experienced and then shared the joy of having their lives changed by Christ. This sense of excitement and joy is part of the DNA of our church.

    The Valley Church has always understood the importance of ministering to persons of all age groups and especially to young families. In fact, the church believes that the best way to change the world is “one child at a time”.

    Financial Aid is available for The Valley Church School of Leadership and is utilized by the majority of our students. Students are encouraged to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).



    Apply for a $1,000 scholarship from The Valley Church. A scholarship for students who want to grow as leaders and gain valuable work experience while getting a college degree.



    Through worship, prayer, and Bible study, we want to see you soar spiritually. You will even receive educational experiences in theology, leadership, and discipleship.

    • Associate of Arts

    • Christian Ministry (BA)

    • Business Administration (BBA)

    • Marketing (BBA)

    • Finance (BBA)

    • Human Resource Management (BBA)

    • Management (BBA)

    • Leadership (BA)

    • Public Administration (BA)

    • Elementary Education (P-5)

    • Emergency Management & Homeland Security (BA)

    • Social Work (BSW)

    • Digital Marketing (BBA)

    • Project Management (BBA)

    • Supply Chain Management (BBA)

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